Flourometer (-20m)
Latest Reading: (UTC)
Chlorophyll 00.00ug/l
Turbidity 00.00NTU
Wave Buoy
Latest Reading: (UTC)
Sig. Wave Height 00.00m
Instrument Locations
This site provides live and archived data from the Galway Bay Subsea Observatory in 20m water at the Marine Renewable Energy test site just off Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland and other related data feeds from Galway Bay.

For more information and to access archived data please visit spiddal.marine.ie.
Tide Gauge
Latest Reading: (UTC)
Tide Height 00.00m
Temp Cond.
Wind Speed Wind Direction
Data Source: Weather Underground
00:00 1.4m 00:07 1.4m
06:00 0.5m 06:07 0.5m
12:00 1.2m 12:07 1.2m
18:00 0.2m 18:07 0.2m